• AB120
  • AB120


Air Blower, 120W

AquaTop’s AB Series of Air Blowers can be extensively used in aquarium keeping, aquaculture and to help keep aquatic products dry. The AB Series of Air Blowers offers a special motor that is compact in structure, light in weight, and is able to dissipate heat, keeping the unit cool. Constructed of superior materials with a corrosion-resistant metal fan and outer casing, the AB Series of Air Blowers will experience very little wearing and tearing even after long periods of use. The AB Series of Air Blowers offers different air dividers for wide applications and is equipped to be low noise. Both the input and the output are adapted with filtering baffles and materials that help eliminate noise and reduce vibration.

Efficient Design with Extraordinary Output

Low Noise, Easy to Use and in Accordance with Environmental Protection Standards

Includes Air Supply Fittings and Air Intake Fittings

Ideal for Large Aquariums, Ponds, and Aquaculture Facilities


  • Voltage: 110-120V
  • Power: 120 Watts
  • Output: 12.37 CFM
  • Pressure: 1.09 PSI
  • Weight 11 lbs
  • Size 9.7”x8.27”x9.56”