• MA600
  • MA600


Aquarium Air Pump

The largest in the MA series, the MA-600 air pump is equipped for aquariums between 50 to 100 gallons. Compact and versatile, the MA-600 air pump can be placed virtually anywhere around your tank and improves oxygen saturation when used with air-driven devices like power filters, air stones and ornaments. Powerful, quiet and energy efficient, the MA-600 also includes dual outlets with adjustable airflow.

Low energy consumption with high airflow output

Maintain stable and healthy pH levels

Great for Bubble Curtains!

Dual outlets with adjustable flow rate

Extremely quiet!

For fresh and saltwater aquariums


  • Tank capacity: 50 100 Gal
  • Outlets: 2
  • Adjustable airflow: yes
  • Output: 2.6 L/min
  • Volt/Freq: 120V/60Hz
  • Power: 3.4W