• FN6M
  • FN6M


Flexible Fish Net 8" - Medium Mesh

Fish nets are not only used for transporting creatures; fish nets are often used for acclimating livestock, tank cleaning, straining frozen food, etc. Choosing the right net is important which is why Aquatop offers a complete line of patent-pending Flexi-net fish nets. This unique aquarium net uses a flexible net and handle connection that allows the net to retain memory and bend back into place. Designed to be stress free for you and your aquatic creatures, tightly woven, soft nylon mesh reduces the rick of your fish trapping its gills or barbs.

Aquatop’s flexible aquatic net can also be used for removing debris, uneaten fish food and skimming the surface of the aquarium. This durable fish net has a corrosion-resistant PVC coating for a long life, while a ridged handle and net frame offer added strength. Aquatop’s flexible aquatic fish net is suitable for fresh and saltwater aquarium use.


  • Won't corrode or rust
  • Won't snag gills or fins
  • Patent-pending flexible design
  • Net dimension 8" x 6"
  • Handle dimension 15.4"