• AB830/AW830


Curved Corner Glass Aquarium, 40Gal

40 Gallon Seamless Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Black/Walnut

Set up this striking curved glass aquarium in your home of office and visitors will be memorized. Whether you're into saltwater setups or love the freshwater creatures, the AB-830/AW-830 will bring out the color and beauty of your unique eco- system. With a 40-gallon capacity, this tank also includes lighting and filtration so you're ready to start building.


Seamless curved corners

Lighting System included

Top-mounted filtration system included

Wow, Oooh, Ahhh (Get Used to Hearing This)

It's all about the view with the A Series. The AB-830/AW-830 is built with glass, not acrylic, and the curved glass corners give you an unobstructed view without unsightly silicone. Acrylic tanks can age over time and get a cloudy appearance. Acrylic can also scratch easily so you'll need surgical precision when cleaning, especially with rock substrate. Glass, however, won’t cloud over time and is more resistant to scratches.

Ready, Set…Design!

One of the many pluses of the AQUATOP A Series is the included top-mounted filtration system with 198 gallon per hour flow rate. This will save you a lot of time and money and if you're anxious to start building the AB-830 glass aquarium is ready.

Who Needs the Sun? With the included T-6 canopy florescent lighting, you won't! These fluorescent lights are bright and do a great job of mimicking natural daylight.


  • Size: 32.5" X 16.5" X 19"
  • Overall Setup Size: 32.5" X 16.5" X 23"
  • Tank Capacity: 40 Gallons
  • Lighting: 20W x 2 florescent
  • Filtration Flow Rate: 198 GPH
  • Available in Black or Walnut