• AB1530/AW1530


Curved Corner Glass Aquarium, 90 Gal

90 Gallon Seamless Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Black/Walnut

Nothing beats the thrill of designing a new aquarium! After all, you're creating your own unique eco-system. Whether you're experienced or new to the hobby, we want to help you build the aquarium of your dreams and the Aquatop A Series of curved glass tanks is an excellent place to start.


Seamless curved corners

Lighting System included

Top-mounted filtration system included

The A-Series System Basics

The A-Series are glass aquariums that includes filtration and lighting so once you bring this tank home, you're ready to start designing. Perfect for fresh and saltwater systems, the A Series uses a top-mounted filtration system and a T-6 canopy florescent lighting. T stands for tubular and it's similar to the fluorescent lights you see in fixtures, the big fat tubes. The beauty of these lights is they resemble natural daylight and look fantastic on the aquarium.

I Can See Clearly Now!

The A-Series are glass aquarium, not acrylic. There is a huge difference in these materials because acrylic can age after time and get that cloudy appearance that looks, well, awful. There are advantages to acrylic; for instance it weighs less and can be easier to install but it can scratch easily and if you've got rocks or coral, watch out! Glass, however, won’t cloud over time and is more resistant to scratches. The A Series also has curved glass corners so the view is unobstructed by unsightly silicone.


  • Overall Setup Size: 60" X 16.5" X 26"
  • Tank Capacity: 90 Gallons
  • Lighting: 40W x 2 florescent
  • Filtration Flow Rate: 528 GPH
  • Available in Black or Walnut