• HCC14
  • HCC14


High Clarity Glass Cube, , 11.33 Gal

Set this aquarium next to an ordinary glass tank and you'll be amazed by the difference high clarity glass makes. High clarity glass is similar to glass used on vehicle windshields with a 91% light-through rate. This result is minimal color loss and an unobstructed view of all your living creatures. Other high-end features include hand-polished beveled edges and high-grade German silicone. This type of silicone is not only stronger than regular silicone, the color is matched closely to the color of the glass. This gives the cube a seamless appearance that is simply breathtaking. Perfect for a variety of salt or fresh water systems, this high clarity handcrafted unit is the kind of aquarium you'll enjoy for a lifetime.

Hand-crafted, high clarity glass
Low iron glass with a 91% light-through rate
Polished beveled edges
High-grade German silicone for a seamless appearance
Ideal for salt and freshwater systems


  • Dimensions: 13.78" x 13.78" x 13.78"
  • Capacity: 11.33 Gallons
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm