• SLP48
  • SLP48


SkyLED 48" Aquarium Light for Freshwater/Planted Tanks

The Aquatop SkyLED Aquarium LED Lights for planted tanks are an energy-efficient way to enhance the viewing experience of planted aquariums. They are designed for low to medium light-loving aquatic plants. An excellent choice for Crypts, Anubias, Mosses and most stemming plants. Enjoy the shimmer of halogen lighting without the high energy cost and heat transference. Long lifespan - No bulb replacement! Sleek profile allows for multiple units to be used on a single aquarium. Splash guard and waterproof switch offer long-life reliability. Extra long power cord (55") for convenient placement. Unique leg mounts offer up to 3" of adjustability.


  • Fixture Length: 48"
  • Adjustable Lengths: 45"-51"
  • Total Output: 39W
  • Produces the Shimmer of Natural Daylight
  • Fully Adjustable Leg Mounts
  • Quiet, Cool and Fanless
  • 10K & 7K Blend