• QM700B
  • QM700B


Quarter Master Glass Aquarium Black, 45 Gal

Meet the QM-700B Quarter Master Series, a stunning curved glass aquarium for fresh and saltwater setups. With a 45-gallon capacity, the QM is a great medium size tanks and includes a top- mounted filtration system and lighting. The QM is designed to fit ever so snug in corners and is sure to spruce up dull areas in the room.

A Few Highlights

The perfect aquarium for the corner of a room

Aquariums can sit side by side for 180 semi-circle

Top-mounted filtration systems provides superior filtration

Includes lighting system

Corners Will Never Be the Same!

It's all about the corner view with the QM Series. The special corner design not only saves space but if you really want to get daring, buy a second QM and stack them side by side for a jaw-dropping, 180-degree aquatic landscape!

We Prefer Glass over Acrylic

The QM-700 is built with glass, not acrylic, and the curved glass really gives viewers an underwater treat. Acrylic tanks can age over time and get a cloudy appearance. Acrylic can also scratch easily so you'll need to be careful when cleaning, especially with rock substrate. Glass, however, won’t cloud over time and is more resistant to scratches.

Dream Tank Here You Come! One of the many advantages of the AQUATOP QM Series is, like so many AQUATOP aquariums, this tanks is ready to go out of the box and includes top-mounted filtration system and lighting. So what are you waiting for? Start building the tank of your dreams!



  • Tank Capacity: 45 Gallons
  • Lighting: 20W x 3
  • Filtration Flow Rate: 264 GPH
  • Tank Size: 38" X 24" X24"
  • Total Setup Size: 38" X 24" 27.5"