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Nano Sky High Clarity Glass Aquarium

NS-4G Nano Sky High Clarity Glass Aquarium with a 91% light-through rate vs 84% for regular glass!

Whether you're into saltwater or freshwater systems, the Nano Sky Aquarium Series is a space-saving and stylish glass aquarium that's perfect for aquarists of all levels. Made of high clarity glass, the NS-4G will give on-lookers a crystal clear view of your scenic eco-system with no loss of color. In addition, the energy efficient LED lighting enhances your viewing experience by providing the shimmer of natural sunlight. The included 3D-HOB filter provides superior filtration with a pre-filter and Zero Bypass system that filters every drop of water so your tank stays crystal clear. With proper setup and care, the Nano Sky Aquarium Series offers a safe and healthy environment for your aquatic creatures to thrive.

High Clarity Glass Aquarium

Beautiful Polished Edges

3D-HOB Provides Superior Filtration

Zero Bypass System

Energy Efficient Lighting

Look of Natural Daylight

Easy to Install and Set-Up


  • Volume: 3.9 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 11.8x6.7x11.8
  • Lighting: LED50
  • Filtration: 3D-HOB Filter/66 GPH/4W